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Quick intro.

As I just joined this community, I felt I should at least post a quick introduction.

I started out in music as a cornetist many, many years ago.  Circumstance led me to switch to oboe after a couple of years.  I played oboe throughout my high school and college careers.  For marching band (because oboes "don't march"), I played various instruments including tenor drum, baritone horn, Eb horn, and alto saxophone.  I also played for a time with a community band for a couple of seasons right after high school graduation, and I took organ lessons for a couple of years as a teenager.

Now in my 50's, it's been years, decades really since I've played at all.  I recently came across a very nice used cornet at a very good price.  That got me thinking and reminiscing about my years in band.  I decided to buy the horn.  I'm sure it will take some time to redevelop any respectable level of proficiency, but ultimately I'd like to participate in a brass choir.  I met <lj user="heartnut"/> through another community we have in common, and she suggested I might also look for a local community music group.  While my work schedule is very prohibitive of participation in organized groups of any type, I do hope to eventually find a group that my schedule can accomodate.

All that said (and I know that's quite a ramble for a "quick intro."), I came across this community and thought I'd join.  I'll likely lurk more than post since I'm not currently actively participating in a community band, but may jump in from time to time if I feel I can contribute something to the discussion.

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