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Casa de Weird

Baltimore Symphonic Band

As of this past evening, spouse and I are members of the Baltimore Symphonic Band, added to our existing list of the Montgomery Village Community Band and the Bel Air Community Band. So now we have rehearsals Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings! (And a shout-out to the Broadway Diner, a 24-hour diner conveniently located on the way home from both the Bel Air rehearsals and the Baltimore ones at Essex Community College!)

Baltimore had spotted me at Maryland COmmunity Band Day last June, and asked me to come play bari sax, since they didn't have one. As it turns out, at least as of the first rehearsal this evening, they don't have a tenor sax this year either. So now a dilemma for me: which to play, which to play. The tenor sax parts are usually more melodic, but the bari is so much fun!

Anyway, if you're somewhere out there in the general area and could get to the eastern side of Baltimore County on Tuesday nights playing one or the other of these saxes, please get in touch with me and I'll give you more info. Whichever one you want to play, I'll play the other.
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